Knowledge Base

  1. Amazon Cloud Drive 

    1. Map Amazon Cloud Drive as Network Drive
    2. Amazon Cloud Drive Files Requirements
  2. Cache 

    1. How NetDrive cache works
  3. Compatibility 

    1. NetDrive is not compatible with Check Point Software Technologies firewall
  4. Connection Problems 

    1. Authorization for cloud services takes too long
  5. FTP 

    1. No files are shown in the directory on the ftp
  6. General 

    1. NetDrive UI does not show up
    2. Windows file compression does not work on mounted drive
    3. Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager warnings on NetDrive
    4. Max file sizes on cloud services
    5. Where to find crash dump and log file
  7. Google Drive 

    1. Why does Netdrive need offline access to the Gmail account?
    2. Google Drive does not work.
    3. Multiple Google Drive Account
  8. License key 

    1. License not received
    2. License registration process
    3. Transfer license from PC1 to PC2
    4. How can I activate license key without Internet connection?
    5. Does the license include upgrade to newer versions?
  9. OneDrive for Business 

    1. OneDrive for Business OAuth Expires
  10. ownCloud 

    1. How to access ownCloud files using WebDAV
  11. SFTP 

    1. How to mount specific folder on SFTP?
    2. Launching an SFTP connection from command line
  12. SSH 

    1. How to connect SSH with public key
  13. WebDAV 

    1. How to connect Confluence WebDAV server?
  14. All articles 

    1. What happens after trial period of NetDrive ?
    2. Registration failed when trying to register my license key.
    3. Can I use NetDrive 1.0 as before ?
    4. Some dot files do not display its name.
    5. No preview available when using Google Drive

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